Level 3


2 days



  • Introduce the educational methodology of Brazilian methodology

  • offer the opportunity for students to learn the 4 phases of the 12 techniques of the game

 Level 3 program consists of 40 total hours of education divided into practical and theory sessions. 

The BFUT Level 3 course is recommended for:

  • Youth coaching level

  • High school coaches

  • Club coaches

  • Parents interested in supporting their child’s development

  • Any coach interested in understanding the Brazilian Educational Philosophy

Basic Level 3 Course Content 

  • Tactical I: Contrasts of Schools 

  • Tactical II: Philosophy of Brazilian Soccer 

  • Sports Management

  • Sports Nutrition  

  • Sports Medicine 

  • Sports Psychology 

  • Sports Physiology I and II 

  • Technical Abilities : trapping, shooting, short crossing, offensive, anticipation