College Showcase


The program gives players the opportunity to experience the BFUT methodology and be technically, physically, and mentally prepared to be scouted coaches from universities. The College Showcase will

The players will stay at the Embassy Suit hotel in Juno Beach, Fl for a period of 10 days. They will be training on a full-time basis. Two sessions a day, plus a game analysis which will be offered once a week. The morning sessions will focus in developing the individual physical and technical abilities – Sessions are at the beach or at the BFUT soccer fields.

Athletes will have the chance to experience a new culture and the opportunity to meet players and people from different places. They will also study English and prepare for the SAT and TOEFL, train with our teams, and enjoy the social life experience of living in the United States.

The College Showcase is recommended for players who are seeking an opportunity to study and play college soccer in the USA.


  • The major goals of this trip will be:
  • Provide the preparation to take the SAT and TOELF tests to be accepted in North American Schools.
  • Analyze, develop and guide you physically, technically, tactically and psychological.
  • Provide you the highest level of training – developing your speed of thought, reaction, improvisation and decision.
  • Provide you the highest level of competition to develop the quickness of decision under pressure and help you to become a very unpredictable player.
  • Development of all your technical abilities under high environment of challenge.
  • Improve your ability of read the game and apply the correct tactical and functional concepts consistently.
  • Provide you a consistent planning based on the complete assessment.
  • Offer you an opportunity to play and be seen by Universities and professional clubs in the USA.

BFUT’s responsibilities:

BFUT Institute of Soccer is responsible to provide the following services for the player:

  • Accommodations (two/three athletes per room)
  • 12 hours a week of English Classes – Preparation for SAT and TOELF
  • Participate in the College show case with more than 50 Universities coaches from divisions I, II and III.
  • Complete student preparation process to College
  • Players must bring their own medical insurance
  • 3 meals a day
  • Athlete analysis – complete analysis of physical, technical skills and tactical concepts each 3 months
  • Practice (Physical, technical, tactical training) / 1 game – Official or Friendly match a week
  • Daily review and necessary suggestions to improve the athlete in the different concepts of the game
  • All transfer: Training, games, school and Airport
  • Direct supervision provided by BFUT- institute of Soccer
  • Equipment for training and games
  • Other casual needs