Product Description

This product is recommended for players from 11(9v9) and U13 to 18(11v11) years old. With this program, we seek to implement the tactical and technical concepts found in the official BFUT  software “Football Made in Brazil”.  This is the program BFUT uses to teach the technical, tactical, tactical schemes, tactical strategies (dead balls) and tactical systems concepts to coaches and players around the world.

The program consists of 30 hours of education divided into 5 days – 6 hours a day (Boys and Girls). This program is offered in individual or in a team basis. The major goal is to provide the specific curriculum to the team age group, educating the coach and the players at the same time, defining the concepts that are to be emphasized during the 3 months season. They will be able to continue their development after the camp program is over. The players will learn tactical variations and how to make effective and faster decisions to create one of the 6 situations of scoring or defending goals.

How it works:

-The BFUT educator goes to your town. –

-Offered all year around.

-The camp coordinator will receive with no cost the BFUT Level 3 course online, the educator manual, and the season planning handbook specific by age group.

Coordinator`s responsibilities:

  • A minimum of 24 players per camp (50% of the concepts is done in a 11v11 game condition)
  • One educator (Coach) to assist during the camp ( this educator will receive the Level 3 – BFUT license diploma)
  • Quality facilities at the team’s location
  • Room and board for the BFUT educator – could be at home of the camp Educator or hotel
  • Daily transportation to and from the designated location
  • Necessary equipment (balls, flags, ropes, cones, vests, first aid kit, and water cooler)
  • Local marketing for potential players, parents and coaches.

Bfut`s responsibilities:

  • Provide a highly qualified BFUT educator – Level 1 or level 2 BFUT course teaching the Brazilian soccer methodology.
  • Provide the team/club with the Level 3 course online course to the Club – Camp coordinator and the Level 3 for the Brazilian soccer Day Camp. This allows the team coach (educator) to reapply the concepts during the season.
  • One BFUT practice T-Shirt per participant.

Cost: $250,00 per player
10% Donate to the club
$300.00 to any extra coach interested in take the level 3 BFUT license – Day camp program

BFUT will do the registration for the camp through its website