Product Description

 This product is recommended to players from 6 to 8 years old (Boys and Girls).  The program consists of 15 hours of education and implementation of the official BFUT FUTSAL curriculum. The objective of our soccer clinics is to develop the player’s intelligence, allowing them to identify and to apply the best decision available in a variety of situations they face during a soccer game . This program is offered in conjunction with the Level 3 BFUT FUTSAL educator course. The educators will learn how to apply the concepts to real situations players face at training everyday.

Coordinator`s responsibility (Club):

Provide 30 players (Minimum) 2 gyms

Minimum 3 educators taking the level BFUT FUTSAL course.

Two educators (coaches) from the club will have a scholarship

  • Quality facilities at the team’s location
  • Room and board for BFUT’s coaching staff
  • Daily transportation at the designated location
  • Providing the necessary equipment (balls, flags, ropes, cones, vests, first aid kit, and water cooler)
  • Local marketing for potential players, parents and coaches.

Bfut responsibility:

  • Bfut educator Level 1 or 2  teaching the BFUT Institute Soccer methodology.
  • BFUT is responsible for provide transportation in and out to the location. – Flight arrangements
  • Provide the team / club with the Level 3 course handbook and the outline of the curriculum. This allows the team educator (coach) to reapply the concepts during the season.


$ 125 per player

$125 extra educator taking the BFUT FUTSAL License course at the camp