Children's Soccer Coach

Level 1 



The Level 1 Educator Course is the last step of the BFUT – The College of Soccer

It is offered in combination with the BFUT Residential Camp – USA Educational Center – Juno Beach, Florida 

The educator will receive when registering to the Level 1 program:

  • The official Level 1 manual and the software : Futebol Made in Brazil (In 3 languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese).

  • The complete description of the tactical concepts to be implemented when preparing your teams – (focus on the tactical concepts when planning training session)

Requirements to take the BFUT Level 1 course:

  • BFUT Level 2 Course

  • USSF Level B – A

  • NSCAA Advanced license B – A

  • UEFA Note: For candidates who have not taken previously the BFUT Level 2 and 3, the educational manuals, videos and the tactical software will be sent after the registration to the program


We recommend the BFUT Level 1 Educator to:

  • High school coaches

  • College and club coaches

  • Professional coaches

  • Developing the different tactical systems and its applicability in different game conditions.

  • Continuing to apply the Brazilian Philosophy through the BFUT Methodology.

  • Providing the capacity to correct decisions during games and competitions.

  • Identifying the correct Tactical system, Tactical schemes and Tactical strategies in response to the tactical organization of the opposite team.


1. The history of the game

2. Sports management (year planning)

3. Sport nutrition (pre, during and after competition)

4. Sport medicine (prevention of injuries / procedures to bring the player to his best game condition)

5. Sport sociology (the interference of drugs, alcohol and lack of discipline socio-conduct)

6. Sport psychology (study of different cases)

7. Sport physiology (pre and during season development of resistance of speed, power resistance, speed and power)

8. Technical abilities (advanced preparation with a combination of game situations and technical-tactical schemes)

9. Tactical concepts (implementation of the mental speed combine with unpredictable decisions based on the six situations to score a goal). Advanced concepts review of compactness, triangulation, building from the back, etc.