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Training players into professional athletes

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IPT – USA, available year-round, offers the opportunity to experience the BFUT methodology helping participants technically, physically, and mentally to prepare for professional clubs and university scouting opportunities.


The program is a combination of understanding what is necessary to become an effective and unpredictable high performance player and it is offered for different time periods. The player can choose to stay with us training for weeks or months.


Players will eat balanced meals based on BFUT nutritional recommendations – Cultural experience and the opportunity to meet players and people from different places.


The players will have the opportunity to learn some English/Portuguese, training with our teams and enjoy the social life experience. The players will be able to apply at the end of the week all the concepts worked on during the week.


The BFUT staff will analyze the player and at the end of the program will receive a complete player assessment, recommending the next 3 months training program.

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Soccer Cleats
Sport Stadium


  • Interaction with the BFUT methodological soccer teams and the players from the BFUT High Performance team

  • Receiving an individual training program of the Brazilian soccer philosophy

  • Advanced tactical systems, schemes and strategies

  • Quality of players and quality of friendly games.

  • Complete player development to participate in tryouts for high schools, pro clubs, and universities in North America.

  • Determine the level of the player and set up a program for his/her full development.

  • Provide the players with specialized practices such as Futsal, weight-lifting, and physical activities.

  • Assistance in Sports Management – Defining objectives to each player.

  • Orientation in Sports Nutrition.

  • Sports Medicine – Learn how to prevent injuries and how to treat them when it is necessary.

  • Sports Psychology – The balance – Athlete – Human Being and citizens of the world – educate and promote PEACE.

sample itinerary

Day 1

Morning – Arrive
Afternoon – Player analyzes – Physical and Technical
Evening – Technical – Tactical

Day 2

Morning – Beach – Physical –Technical – English Class
Afternoon – Player Analysis
Evening – Technical –Tactical – Scrimmaging

Day 3

Morning – Technical Defensive  – English Class
Afternoon – Game Analysis
Evening – Tactical – Scrimmaging

Day 4

Morning – Beach – Technical – Midfield  – English Class
Afternoon – Off
Evening – Tactical

Day 5

Morning – Technical – Attack  – English Class
Afternoon – Dead balls – Strategies
Evening – Futsal

Day 6

Morning – Game or Futsal – English Class
Afternoon – Game or Futsal
Evening – Off

Day 7

Morning – Player assessment
Afternoon – End of the program


Send us an email to to learn more and how to register for the IPT programs.