Developing Soccer educators to build the next soccer generation of Athletes.


THE COLLEGE of SOCCER is the Dept. of BFUT – INSTITUTE of SOCCER responsible of promoting and educating anyone interested in teaching the game thru our methodology. The BFUT methodology focus in developing the intelligence of coaches and players. Understanding the importance to step on the field with a good preparation session that will explain the why to apply, when to implement and how to execute each concept of the nine areas of the game – History of the game, sports management, sports nutrition, sports medicine, sports physiology, sports sociology, sports psychology, technical abilities and tactical concepts.

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The implementation of the College of Soccer has been the BFUT organization focus since 1977, when its founder and director of education Thadeu Goncalves, as a young player observed that the coaches were just implementing drills, but without explaining how each player could become his/her own coaching by developing the intelligence and the capacity to self-correct the mistakes made during the training or competition. The capacity to make any of the 12 techniques automatic movements. Learn how to play off the ball, always being in the right place at the right time. Make the players unpredictable and effective, consequently establishing organized and competitive teams.

Thadeu Goncalves has dedicated his life to establish the fun, simple and educational methodology to make it happen- it’s Called BFUT Soccer methodology.

It is a combination of the tactical organization of European Soccer with the high technical quality of the South American Soccer, especially observed during the last 30 years in the Brazilian Philosophy.

This combination has been implemented in the top leagues and tournaments around the world.

It is the recommended methodology especially in the North America.

The players must make the best decision available based on their mental speed  – The first visual clue that the player will have is the height of the ball (Low, medium low, medium high and high balls). The decision making time from the ball departing from the first attacker (player with the ball) to the 2nd attacker (player that was chosen to receive the pass) must be quickly is possible, to minimize the time of the opposite team to get organized. The second attacker must prepare him/herself to receive the ball. This preparation will require the combination of the three components of the game: 1. Coordinate the body to receive the ball related to its height (lower body most important function is the ball control and use the upper body help with the balance and to facilitate the reception) 2. Use the arms to block the pressure legally 3. Reception (Apply 1 touch to redirect the ball – High level players must be able to redirect the ball with one touch in low – medium low or high balls) or trapping (Need of minimum 2 touches to control the ball – recommended in medium high balls).

This pre preparation is conducted by the player intelligence –

The three ways to develop it are: Consistently playing the game in early ages; Born with natural body coordination for the game and the third one is the intellectual development of the player by the appropriate educational methodology.

With this pre preparation process, the player will be able to become unpredictable, identifying and applying the best decision available by the time the player receives the ball.



The Level 3 Educator Course Soccer  is the first step in becoming an Educator.  This level will introduce future educators to the Brazilian Philosophy through the BFUT methodology. The Student will receive a package containing the educational videos and the level 3 manual.


What is the difference between a Coach and an Educator? Coaches in many cases go through drills and have the players executing them many times without a clear understanding of when to apply it. Educators will go thru each concept explaining when, why especially how to do, facilitating the decisions of the players on the field with or without pressure. Developing the player intelligence of the game.


The Level 1 Educator Course in the College of Soccer is the last step before you receive the certification of completion. It focuses on developing the different tactical systems and its applicability in different game conditions, providing the capacity to correct decisions during games and competitions and continuing to apply the Brazilian Philosophy through the BFUT Methodology.