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  • Brazil is the most successful World Cup team and also the only nation to have participated in every World Cup finals tournament. Brazil is the only country that has won five total World Cup championships– one-time Olympic Champion, U21, U20, U17 and U15 world champions

  • Brazil develops the top players of the biggest soccer leagues including top professional clubs in Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, England, Japan, etc.…

  • Brazil provides the necessary soccer environment for any level of play. There are more than 40 professional clubs, 12 universities and 26 amateur clubs available for competition in the area we stay in during our educational tours.

  • Brazil provides not only great soccer development but also fascinating social and cultural experiences.

  • Brazil is the “Country of Football (Soccer)”.


  • Head coaches will receive the level 3 BFUT education certificate.

  • Interact with the BFUT – Brazil Pro Staff and the players from the BFUT – Brazil – High performance and the Youth Brazilian Pro-Clubs.

  • Provide a realistic professional tryout for your players playing against the top pro youth teams

  • Receive an individual training program of the Brazilian soccer philosophy

  • Understanding the different systems, schemes and strategies

  • Quality of players and quality of friendly games.

  • Advanced Tactical systems, schemes and strategies

  • Play top quality games against Brazilian team

  • Learn about the cultural and social factors surrounding the city of Sao Paulo and its local people (including Indian tribes).

  • Determine the level of the player and set up a program for his/her full development.

  • Provide the players with specialized practices such as Futsal, weight-lifting, and physical activities.

  • Give the player the opportunity to advance towards a professional career in soccer.

  • Assistance in Sports Management – Defining objectives to each player.

  • Orientation in Sports Nutrition.

  • Sports Medicine – Learn how prevent injuries and how to treat it when it’s necessary.

  • Sports psychology – The balance – Athlete – Human Being and citizen to the world – promote and educate PEACE.

  • Complete player development to participate in tryouts for high schools, youth pro clubs, universities, and even professional teams.


  • Guidance Level 1 BFUT Educator;

  • Ground Transportation: To and from Sao Paulo Airport, BFUT Center, games, and all sightseeing activities;

  • Players and Coaching Staff Accommodations:

◦    Players – Triple Rooms

◦    Coaching Staff – Double Rooms

  • Parents Accommodations:

◦    Double Rooms

  • Meals: 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner with mineral water);

  • Professional game tickets to two professional soccer games;

  • 03 Planned sightseeing trips – Tickets are included (Sao Paulo – Santos FC – Pele’s Club-Rio Desinaro- Maracanã Stadium – Copacabana beach);

  • Meet and Greet at the Guarulhos Sao Paulo International Airport;

  • Full assistance done by one full time BFUT educator who is fluent in English;

  • Visit to Pro Club – Meet Pro Players;

  • Medical assistance for emergencies – Each player must bring his/her own insurance;

  • Mineral water – Training, meals and games;

  • Highest quality in soccer education based on the six principles of the game: Planning, Comportment, Physical Conditioning, Technical, Tactical, and Psychological;

  • All referees and field expenses;

  • Play minimum 5 games (including one futsal and one beach soccer game);

  • Minimum of 7 training sessions and 4 classroom sessions;

  • Uniform Laundry – jersey, shorts and socks (must bring the laundry bag);

  • ◦    Note: For any other laundry pieces the cost is extra.

  • All other unexpected expenses associated with the program for which BFUT is responsible;