Name: Cheryl Myers

Location: Portland, OR
Organization: ESUFC Newcastle
BFUT Program: Tour to Brazil

What a privilege to accompany 19 teenage boys to Brazil for soccer training — it was the trip of a lifetime!
*trainings were excellent; when there’s an opportunity to spend such concentrated time with skilled coaches, the results are amazing
*worry free travel arrangements, from air/transportation arrangements to an excellent variety of sightseeing
*top notch facilities, including meals the boys devoured that were healthy!
*cultural experiences were rich, diverse and life-changing.
These boys will never be the same, and neither will I… They took their soccer to a significantly higher level, strengthened friendships, created incredibly unique memories and changed their perspective on the world forever. –A very satisfied parent

Name: Steve Manning

Organization: UK Elite
BFUT Program: Level 3 License

“My name is Steve Manning; I have been for the past 6 years in a youth academy system within a professional English soccer club, during a year’s term coaching soccer within the U.S. I was given the opportunity to take the BFUT Brazilian Level 3 License, although it was very demanding it was ultimately rewarding. I have so much to thank BFUT for, your time and effort you gave for sharing your ideas and philosophies. The course that I attended revolutionized my way of thinking in regards to my approach to educating the youth of football, the content of what I coach and how the game can be played. Since the course I have been thinking in depth about how much your philosophies would benefit the English game. I have a huge desire to carry on improving in all aspects of my coaching, and I plan on taking the Level ‘2’ license in the near future and eventually the Level ‘1’ license, I know that through BFUT coaching course I have now got the ability to implement and share the BFUT way with all the students of the game that I coach. I genuinely believe that every coach should know the BFUT ways and philosophies to the game we all love”

Name: Billy Viger 

Location: Roswell, Georgia
BFUT Program: Level 4 License

I attended and received my BFUT Level 4 License at the NASA soccer facility in Marietta, Georgia last year. Thadeu was our staff coach, and was very organized, informative, and most important approachable with any questions. I hold a USSF A License and was thrilled to learn new tactics
of the game. We used the box midfield at Westminster School and went on to win the State BOYS AAA championship in Georgia!
I have and will contiune to recommend the BFUT Coaching school to all my collegaues in the Atlanta, Area.

Name: Qiana Martin

Location: Atlanta, GA
BFUT Program:
 IPT Florida

“In July 2007, I participated in the BFUT Individual Professional Training (IPT) Program in Boca Raton, Florida. I was able to receive intense, technical and tactical training alongside members of the men’s high performance team. Both during and after each of our sessions, a member of the training staff would provide me with detailed feedback regarding my performance. The benefits that I received from participating in the BFUT IPT Program were invaluable. I look forward to taking part in my next High Performance Training Program with BFUT.”

Name: Greg Smith

Location: Sacramento, California
Organization: Bradshaw Christian School
BFUT Program: Level 4 License

Eduardo de Souza did an excellent Job training or instructing our group. Saturdays session was raining, but we stayed on task. I learned alot about the methodology bihind the program. I believe that soccer (futbol) is a much better sport when balls are played on the ground. It is better for viewing as well. For the last 8 years I have tried to teach this to the teams I have coached. We had great success. We used to say, “A good passing team will always beat a good “kick ball” team.” So I believe whole heartedly in your program. Hope to take the Level 3 License.

Name: James Colter 

Location: Calgary, AB – Canada
BFUT Program:IPT Florida and IPT Brazil

The BFUT training including tactical, technical, physical and mental training with very specific individual and team training drills / sessions has helped my skills development tremendously. As a goalkeeper my footwork and skills have improved significantly and this has allowed me to play at a much higher, more competitive level.

The coaches, trainers, and educators at BFUT are professional, very passionate about soccer, skills training, games and development. The educators treated me and everyone like professional players, expecting you to give your best and take responsibility for everything you do, good and bad. The BFUT educators always focus on developing the complete player.

The technical training is the best training I’ve had in the 11 years I’ve been training in soccer. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to train with them, and will continue to train with them on an on-going basis.

Name:Jason Chance

Location: Rockford, IL
Organization: Bradshaw Christian School
BFUT Program:

Thadeu Goncalves, my name is Jason Chance. I am a former player for Rockford United Soccer Club. I have now been coaching soccer for a few years and recently took a job a Guilford High School. I was talking to one of the other coaches about the most influential coach that I have ever had and two came to mind. You and Sanzio Carvalho. I decided to look you up and found this site looking for Brusa. I just wanted to let you know that you have made a huge impact on my life inside and outside of soccer and I appreciate the enthusiasm that you brought to the game. Everyday I coach there is something that reminds me of a lesson that you taught us and how much it meant when you encouraged us! Rock and Roll!.

Name: Dalu

Location: Africa

Bfut has empowered me in all my soccer programs, mental speed is what Africa needs. As training co-ordinator in Africa , all the Educators who have attended Bfut programs have the confidence in implementing the Brazilian methodology. The guidance of Professor Thadeu has added tremendous in my life as an Educator.