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Brazil International Football (Soccer) Symposium – Level 2 License


The International Symposium was established to give the opportunity to the international educators all over the world to interact with other educators, allowing an educational exchange in physical condition, technical, tactical, sports nutrition, sports sociology, sports psychology, goal keeping, and goal keeping training for the development, competitive, high-performance, and the introduction to professional level.

As previously established, the International Symposium is composed in two levels, during the first four days the international educating students will be exposed to the development and competitive level concepts (7 to 17 years old). From day 5 to day 10 only the international educating students will begin focusing on High-Performance (17 to 20 years old) and introduction to professional level. BFUT License Level 2 will be provided upon successful completion of the program. The course can be offered in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

You will experience the BFUT methodology developed by Jose Thadeu Goncalves and the BFUT Level 1 licensed staff. The International Symposium will also feature sessions of soccer organization, tactical development, and preparation of athletes led by special guests.

The coaches will be able to see how a soccer organization is operated through visits to top teams in Brazil. Prior to game time, attend lectures that will dictate the tactical systems, schemes, strategies of the team, and actually LIVE the professional soccer environment.


Course Objectives

  • Educate the BFUT methodology.
  • Offer to the participants a unique opportunity to meet the top youth and pro coaches in Brazil in a field or classroom session and in an individual question & answer forum.
  • Learn the meso planning (30 days), macro (3 months), cycle for your soccer organization.
  • Emphasize ways to develop the tactical, technical, physical and psychological aspects of the game related to the Brazilian soccer philosophy, from youth to professional level. Watch, analyze, and discuss the practices of each team with their head coach.
  • Help the participants to get a full idea of how a professional soccer club is organized in Brazil. Improve the educator's ability to read the game, instead of just watching it.
  • The participants will analyze a series of pro-games and youth games. A preview of each game will be provided and an analysis sheet will be used to educate step-by-step, and game-by-game, how to identify problems that could occur with a team as quickly as possible without losing the momentum and the ability to reorganize the game situation with the correct decision.
  • High level study of the advanced tactical systems, schemes and strategies.

Note: In some situations the attendants will be able to meet the coaching staff before the game, learning their strategies and verify if the planning was successful.
Goalkeeper training -Different characteristics because of the different style, but it can be incorporated with success. The keepers usually are the first attacker building from the back Meet the Brazilian Soccer players and find their answers about the problems and pressure that high-level player faces daily.

Tentative Itinerary

Brazil International Football (Soccer) Symposium

(Final Itinerary will be sent to coaches prior to trip)

Day 1 –
6:30am - Arrive in Brazil – Reception by BFUT Brazil at the Airport
9:00am - Transfer to BFUT Center of Training – watch the video – Session 1 -History of The game Football
10:00am - Check-in, organizational meeting and registration for the International Soccer Symposium
11:15am - International educator organizational Meeting
12:00pm - Lunch
1:00pm – Bus Leaves to Stadium – Watch a pro/TBA game – Session 2 - Game Analyzes Phase I and II.
3:00pm - Preparation to analyze the game
4:00pm – Game
6:30pm – Return to the Center –
8:00pm - Dinner
9:00pm- Session 3: Classroom - History of the Tactical development of Modern Football – 1966 to 2007 – Study of the different schools around the world. Finalize the points of the Game Analyzes TBA game.
10:00pm – End of the day

Day 2 –
The program from Day 3 to Day 5 is related to focus in the Development dept. (7 to 11 years old)
7:30 am - Breakfast
9:00am – Field - Session 4 – Player Analyses– Coordination without the ball and Elasticity Technical analysis – 4 heights, Tactical Analysis - Mental speed
11:30am – Review the AM session.
12:30pm - Lunch
3:00pm - Field – Session 5 - Agility and Speed of reaction without and with the ball
4:00pm – Field – Session 6 - Technical Development – Defensive Heading and Anticipation – Phase I, II, III and IV
5:30pm – Questions and answers.
7:00pm – Dinner
7:15pm – Classroom- Session 7- Game analyze – Phase III and IV
8:15pm – Classroom - Session 8 - Sports Psychology II
9:30pm – End of the Day

Day 3 –
7:30am - Breakfast
9:00am – Field – Session 9 – Tactical - Application of the 4 players Individual abilities with mental speed. Game condition – Analyzing the player individual abilities: ability of marking / attacking – ability of Passing and penetration – ability to read the game – peripheral vision and ability to improvise (two feet)
10:15am – Field – Session 10 – Tactical - Application on the field – Speeds of the game – Defensive- Speed of Marking 2. Pressure Game Condition – Man on Man and Zone marking Field – Session 11 - 11v11 – Different kinds of pressure – High / Low and Full
11:45am – Review the session
12:30pm - Lunch
3:00pm – Field – Session 12 – Technical – Shooting – Phase I, II, III and IV
4:30pm – Field – Session 13 - Types of penetration and foot communication 3 v 3 and 4 v 4 5:45pm - Questions and answers
7:00pm – Dinner
8:15pm – Session 14 - Sports Management II – Planning a 3 months season
10:00pm – End of the Day

Day 4 –
7:30am – Breakfast
8:30am – Classroom Session Explanation of the Tactical Concept of the afternoon - Speeds of the game – Offensive Speed of the ball – 4.Speed of Triangulation - 5.Speed of Counter attack
9:30am – Field – Session 15 – Application of the tactical concepts – Speeds of the game offensive – Application of the 8v8
10:30am – Field – Session 16 - Defining the team Pace and consistent switch point of attack 11:30am – questions and answers
12:00pm – Lunch
1:00pm – Leave to Sao Paulo – Visit to a professional Club- Observe the youth program 3:00 pm – Session 17 - Analyze the session – Questions and Answers Forum
7:00pm – Dinner
8:15pm – Classroom – Session 18 - Sports Medicine II – Prevention of injuries Body measurement – tests of elasticity and 5 steps to decrease the level of inflammation
10:00pm – End of the day

Day 5 –
Focus in the Competitive Dept. (U13 to U17)
7:30am – Breakfast
9:00am – Field – Session 19 – Technical - Short crossing – finishing – Phase I, II, III and IV 11:00am - Field- Session 20 – Technical – Tactical – Decisions inside of the box.
11:45am – Noon – Questions –Answers
12:30pm – Lunch
3:00pm – Field Session 21 - Building from the Back – Defensive Sector
4:30pm – Field – Session 22 - Building from the back – Midfield sector
5:30pm – Field – Session 23 – Building from the back – Offensive sector
7:30pm – Dinner
8:30pm – Classroom – Session 23 - Preparing the training session for the practical evaluation The Coaching Director will give the assignment

Day 6 –
7:30am - Breakfast
9:00am – Field - Practical evaluation
1:00 pm – Lunch
3:00pm – Theory Evaluation
5:00pm – End of the first portion of the BFUT level 2 International and level 3 National (Brazil)
8:00pm – Brazilian B.B.Q for the participants of the Level 2 International Time off

Day 7 –
From Day 7 to Day 10 – BFUT is offering the High Performance Dept. Coaching Course (players from 17 to 20 years old) – Preparing to become professional players
9:00am - Breakfast
10:00am – Transfer to the BFUT Center of Training – BFut Conmebol Center of Training – High Performance Dept.
12:00pm – Lunch
2:30pm – Session 1 – Classroom - Opening Ceremony – BFUT High Performance Dept 3:30pm – Session 2 - Field – Player analyzes
6:00pm – Questions – Answers
7:00 pm – Dinner
8:30pm – Session 3 – Classroom – Game analyses/TBA
10:00pm - Lights Out

Day 8–
07:30am - Breakfast
09:00am - Session 4 – Field – Tactical – TBA team systematization for the game
10:00am – Session 5 – Field – Tactical – TBA team systematization for the game
11:00am – Session 6 - Simulation of the game - Playing against each other
12:00pm – Lunch
1:00pm – Leave to the game
4:00pm – Session 7 – Watching TBA game
7:00pm – Return to the Center
8:30pm – Session 8 -Review the game
10:00pm – rest

Day 9–
7:30am - Breakfast
9:00am - Session 9– Field - Speeds of the Game – Cycle of the game – Basic Patterns – Building from the back - 3-5-2
10:30am – Strategies
12:30pm – Lunch
3:00pm – Session 10 - Special guest – TBA – Brazilian football in Europe
7:00pm – Dinner 8:30pm – Session 11 - Analyzing the Brazilian National team.
10:00pm - Rest

Day 10 –
07:00am- Breakfast
09:00am - Session 12 – Speeds of the game – Cycle of the game - Basic patterns – 4-3-3 and variations
10:30am - Session 13 – Vertical triangulation.
12:30pm - Lunch
09:00am – Session 15 – Field – Coaches Evaluation – Practical
12:00 – Lunch
2:00pm – Session 16 - Theory evaluation
4:00pm – End of the program
6:00pm – Leave to the Airport Return to the original country.

General Information

Bfut responsibilities

  • Diploma of the BFUT License Level 2 course (If approved).
  • Accommodations: Apartments with double or triple accommodation
  • 10 days and 9 nights – Hotel Jarinu, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Meals: 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • One copy of the book :” The Principles of Brazilian Soccer” by Prof. Thadeu Goncalves
  • One Copy of the Tactical Software: “Futebol Made in Brazil” by Prof. Thadeu Goncalves
  • All ground transportation in Jarinu, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • One Professional game
  • One full time BFUT (Brazilian Educator) assisting the group – Prof. Thadeu Goncalves will be the Director of Education.
  • All other unexpected expenses associated with the program for which BFUT is responsible
  • Medical assistance in case of any injury (Minor injuries). Each Coach must have a medical insurance. RX, other especial procedures such as: surgery, especial physical therapy, etc. will be charge from the insurance company.


  • Airfare to Barcelona, Spain



Brazil International Soccer Symposium - Level 2 License Course – July 12th-22nd 2013
Location: Jarinu, Sao Paulo, Brazil
COSTS: US$2,400.00 per educator

International Level 2 Cost – Includes accommodations, meals, local transportation, license fees, manual, diploma (upon completion), book, polo, visit to pro clubs, watch professional game, and touristic options-- $2,400.00 (one payment deposit of $800.00 and two equal payments of $800.00)

Minimal Requirements

  1. BFUT License level 3 / BRUSA (Previously called C License)
  2. Have held BFUT level 3 License for a minimum of 6 months
  3. USSF B National License
  4. National Advanced NSCAA Diploma
  5. Course Description or 5 years coaching experience resume
Waivers and foreign license equivalence; to be reviewed by the BFUT -Director of Education


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